Sunday, June 1, 2008

Baby Lopez

Tex Lopez
Born 4-2-08 in El Paso, Texas
(That's why we named him "Tex")
He is 1/2 Siamese and 1/2 who knows.

Tex @ 7 wks

Tex @ 4 wks with his brothers and cousins. He's in the middle. His brothers are the white one on the left & the grey one on the right. The other 4 are 1 wk younger and his cousins.
The whole family minus his grey brother. The 2 Siamese are sisters (belong to Cheyenne) and are 1 1/2 yrs old. Tex's mom is on the left. Tex is 6 wks.
Tex and his grey brother @ 4 wks.

Tex @ 7 wks when we picked him up.

Sleeping by Connor on the couch.

Loving Haylee's Cheetos. Only a lick though. It's not good for you.

Everyone at Isabel's house. (Nela's daughter, Jessica, is staying there for the summer while home from college.)

Lindsay is holding Tex, Connor has a brother, Kayla has a cousin & Cheyenne has his mom & aunt. (Grey tabby brother & 3 tortie cousins were already given away when we got there. The other 2 are going to Sias.)

Traveling home. We let him out of the carrier every once in a while.

His new temporary home is the kids' bathroom while we take the introduction to Sienna slowly.

Sienna introduced herself when someone let Tex down thinking Sienna was outside. She scratched his nose and it was bleeding. So sad! We'll take more time with introductions.

So far we don't let the 2 have free reign of interacting. Sienna growls & hisses. Even when he's locked in the bathroom she still doesn't act like herself. It's only day 2 so we'll take it slow and hopefully it will get better.